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Sales of Industrial Semiconductor Storage

SolidGear is a provider of industrial semiconductor storage products in fields such as telecommunications, robots, medical and in-vehicle devices, in Japan and overseas.

We provide:
High-capacity and high-speed SSD storage with high tolerance for shock and vibration
Space-saving CompactFlash cards
Ultra-compact industrial SD and MicroSD cards

SolidGear provides a wide variety of products in Japan and overseas, all with particular focus on high reliability, serviceability and long life cycle. Our superior technical capabilities also allow us to perform design and analytical support for our customers.

Case study 1)
Recording of log data on a network switch device
⇒ Adoption of CompactFlash with enhanced read/write performance for small-size data

Case study 2)
Video surveillance system where the recorded data must be protected from tampering
⇒ Adoption of SSD incorporating a security function (which locks the data as soon as the power is turned off)

Custom Development Services Related to Memory Cards and Flash Memory Storage

SolidGear develops custom solutions related to memory cards and flash memory storage using our self-developed IP. We are particularly strong in the development of FPGA boards using SD cards or Memory Sticks, and their application software. Based on their rich experience and extensive knowledge of card standards, our engineers can perform highly compatible development in a short timeframe.

Our other products include SD Card Host Tester and Memory Stick Host Tester (*2) (*1).

*1: License agreement for the relevant card is required to purchase any host tester.
*2: SolidGear is the sales agent for these products developed by Sony Corporation.

Packaged Media Solution

Video content can be played back on mobile phones incorporating a 1-SEG recording function, regardless of reception status, location or time, simply by inserting a MicroSD card containing video content. A cumulative total of 50 million 1-SEG mobile phones have been shipped in Japan, making it the most widespread type of video player in the country. The trend is away from stationary to mobile. In future, mobile phones could become the standard platform for enjoying video content.

Packaged Media Solution

SolidGear is offering a solution that will enable mass production of 1-SEG MicroSD cards with consistent quality and stable price. We have developed and begun marketing the "Chroma SG3280" (referred to below as "SG3280"), a MicroSD card data writer with copyright protection support. We also bundle a 1-SEG video (SD Video) authoring tool, which has been tested for compatibility with over 160 mobile phone models (as of September 2009), for creating the master data for SG3280.

Outline of SD Video Authoring